HIV + trans women

We promote prevention respecting your gender identity

Transsexual women, who are often stigmatised by society and excluded from education, the labour market and the health system, form a social group that is particularly vulnerable to HIV.

We are waiting for you in a trans-friendly environment

At “Checkpoint” we fully accept and respect you gender identity and sexual orientation.

At our structures we employ, among others, transsexual women. We are at your disposal to discuss everything with regard to prevention and safer sex practices.

We are here to help you find solutions

If you need psychological support, you can call 11528 for lesbian, gay, bi, and trans people, their families, and teachers.

If you are living with HIV and need support, contact “Positive Voice” at 2108627572.

If you are having trouble with drug use, you can contact the damage mitigation team of “Positive Voice” on the same number, and we will refer you to a suitable organisation.

If you are looking for free services, ask us for the “Survival Guide” that is issued by “Positive Voice”.

If you need free condoms, you can visit one of the “Checkpoint” locations or ask a member of the street work team.

Protect your health

Follow safer sex practices and make regular tests a part of your life. Depending on your sexual behaviour, schedule an HIV test every 3, 6 or 12 months.

Don’t share needles or syringes for the injection of hormones with other people and adhere to all necessary measures for the safe use of your equipment.