Practices for safer use of substances during sex

If you are combining sex with the use of drugs such as crystal meth, mephedrone  or GHB/GBL, try to follow a few easy guidelines that can reduce the risk of exposure to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

If possible, choose someone to play with that you trust or that you are together when playing.

Determine when will be the next time that you will have chemsex and try to keep that decision.

Don’t extend the play over many hours or days. After the first 24 hours of use, the hallucinations and other side effects may start to endanger your health.

Do not share syringes, needles or straws with others, and do not allow others to prepare or administer your injection.

Do not assume that your sex partner is HIV-negative just because he suggested bareback.

If you decide to engage in active or passive fisting, wear the special glove.

Avoid mixing substances (e.g. GBL and alcohol), because their interaction may cause health problems.

If you are HIV-positive, remember to take your pills on time or start playing only after you have taken them, in order to be sure. Do not underestimate the influence of substances on your treatment.

Keep on testing regularly for HIV, hepatitis Β and C and the other sexually transmitted diseases.