HIV + men having sex with men

What does safer sex between men mean?

Following a handful of basic guidelines, you can combine sexual pleasure with safer practice.

Top or bottom?

The risk of HIV transmission depends on whether you enjoy the penetrative or receiving role in sex. For example, when having receptive anal sex there is a higher chance of being exposed to the virus, if your partner is HIV-positive.

How safe is oral sex?

Transmission of the HIV virus during oral sex can happen when sperm is ejaculated in the mouth and there is a wound, abrasion, aphtha, or inflammation in the mouth, the gums, or the pharynx. The likelihood of this type of transmission is increased if the ejaculating person has a high viral burden.


By licking the anus of your partner, you run the risk to be exposed to some infections such as hepatitis A; however there are no recorded cases of transmission of the HIV virus related with this type of activity.


Do not assume that your sexual partner is HIV-negative just because he didn’t use a condom. It’s very likely that he too assumes that you are HIV-negative because you didn’t ask him to.

If you have a stable relationship, the decision to have sex without a condom should always be combined with HIV testing.

Bear in mind that more than half of the young people living with HIV are not aware of their condition.

ΗIV is transmitted mostly by those who do not know they have contracted the virus and therefore do not take antiretroviral treatment.