Are you wearing it correctly?

There’s something even safer than a condom: its correct use.

The effectiveness of a condom is not a given, if you don’t know how to wear it and how and when to remove it.

Proper use of a condom means:

Open the wrapper by hand; do not use sharp objects that may cut through the condom, or your teeth

Use the condom before any contact, not just before ejaculation

Do not unroll the condom before its placement and ensure that there is no air left in the tip, by pinching the reservoir

Check that you are using it from the correct side and that you have unrolled it completely

Use water based lubricant and avoid oil based products

Never use the same condom twice

Check the expiration date before use and store condoms under the conditions suggested in the instructions for use on the packaging

Are there different sizes?

Of course there are different sizes with a variety in length, width and shape. It may take a little persistence to find the type of condom that will fit you best and will maximise your pleasure.

Thick or thin?

Some people prefer thicker condoms, because they believe that those are more durable and less prone to tear. However, if used correctly, a thin condom is just as reliable as a thicker one. So, regardless whether you use a condom for vaginal or anal sex, the choice is a matter of taste and not one of better protection.